Our Philosophy

Our Mission:

FOCAS Shoalhaven holds a vision to work alongside people with disabilities and families that will enable them to obtain a fulfilling life where they are valued as ordinary citizens. FOCAS fosters an environment where people can dream and hold a vision for a good life for themselves and facilitates a pathway for this to occur alongside the person and their family members.


FOCAS Shoalhaven holds the philosophy that everyone has the right to be the holder of equal status, privileges and expectation of a fulfilling life.

Value Statement:

FOCAS adopts a continuous improvement culture within our organisation to ensure that as a service provider for people with a disability we are continually building on platforms of good practice;


FOCAS adopts the need to be flexible and responsive in services provided to individuals to ensure that high levels of outcomes are achieved by the person with a disability;


FOCAS recognises the importance of relationships being sustained and built by the individual with a disability and their community and strives to nurture these relationships;


FOCAS holds the firm belief that each person with a disability is capable of participating in roles within their communities that are both beneficial and valuable to the community;


FOCAS recognises that our community facilitators play a critical role in ensuring that support is delivered to the highest level and that appropriate training and supervision is necessary to achieve this;


We believe that a person with a disability has a right to a fulfilling life;


We believe we can achieve more by challenging historical approaches in supporting people with a disability;


We believe each person should be seen as an individual and that we all have the right different hopes and dreams;


We see all people as being able to contribute to society in a valued way;


We recognise the importance of walking alongside individuals and families in equal partnership in achieving a fulfilling life the person with a disability.


FOCAS Shoalhaven Incorporated encourages all committee members, staff and community volunteers to work co-operatively for the benefit of people with disabilities, within the principles of Normalisation, Social Role Valorisation and equal opportunities, choice, voice and control in their life, privacy– and in a non-discriminatory fashion.

FOCAS strongly promotes independence, self-determination and valued community presence for all.