Our Philosophy

Our Vision:

People with a disability and their families can hold a vision for a good life. 

Our Mission:

FOCAS Shoalhaven walks alongside people with disabilities and their families with the aim of facilitating a pathway to a fulfilling life where they are valued as ordinary citizens.


Fulfilling Lives: Every person has the right to a fulfilling life.


Valued Roles: Every person is capable of participation in roles within their communities that are both beneficial and valuable to the community.


Individual difference: Each person should be seen as an individual; we all have the right to different hopes and dreams.


Relationships: It is important for individuals to sustain and build relationships with others and their community.


Flexible & Responsive Services: Services should be flexible and responsive to ensure that high levels of outcomes are achieved by the person with a disability.


Walking alongside the individual & families: It is important to walk alongside individuals and their families in equal partnership.


Valuing our employees: Support employees play a critical role in ensuring that services are delivered to the highest level and that appropriate training and supervision is necessary to achieve this.


Continuous improvement: The organisation embraces a continuous improvement culture to ensure that we are continually building on platforms of good practice.

FOCAS strongly promotes independence, self-determination and valued community participation for all.