The Team

Operations Manager: Marg Gardner

Marg has spent the past 27 years passionately advocating for People with a Disability both in the UK and Australia.  Marg has walked alongside FOCAS families since 2007.

Marg is driven and committed to the continuous challenge to support individuals to find and have control over their own lives.

 Finance Manager: Leah Dodd

Leah joined the FOCAS team in July 2018

Leah completed Shoalhaven High School in 2009. She started a nursing degree in 2010 and in 2011 transferred into an undergraduate program In Health Sciences and finished her degree with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Indigenous Health Studies. She then went on to complete her Masters of Public Health in July 2016.

Leah has worked in hospitality, childcare and bookkeeping. In 2017 she worked as an NDIS Local Area Coordinator at Uniting in Nowra.  She also has a brother with Down Syndrome and understands the unique needs and supports of both a person with a disability and the people who care and advocate for them.

Leah brings to FOCAS her passion for seeing people with a disability becoming valued and fulfilled members of the community, and her desire to see a solid structure of supports and procedures to ensure that the best outcomes can be achieved by all who are a part of FOCAS- participants carers and family members, support workers, admin staff and the wider community.

Leah has many varied interests. She enjoys most sports and has played Representative soccer as well as in local women’s teams in both summer and winter rounds. She enjoys going to the gym at least four mornings a week to keep fit. Leah has enjoyed some travelling in America, Egypt, Turkey, China, Thailand and Hong Kong and would like to see as much of the world as she can. Leah is also kept busy by her nieces and nephews and their many and varied sporting and cultural pursuits.

Bookkeeper: Nerida Hartman

Nerida joined FOCAS as our bookkeeper in January 2018.  Nerida is a very experienced bookkeeper working for other small business in the local community

Community Facilitators:

FOCAS has a dedicated team of over 40 community facilitators supporting individuals to access valued roles in the community.