Jodee is an active member of her community. She secured a position at Culburra and Districts Preschool after expressing her interest in volunteering with the support of her FOCAS staff. Not only does Jodee’s position support Preschool Values and Curriculum, it supports Jodee’s overall well-being and choice.

When Jodee first started at the preschool, FOCAS staff worked closely alongside her to enable Jodee to learn tasks and the days routine. Now, 3 years on, Jodee brings education to life and compliments the classroom. Jodee always enters her workplace knowing her role and routine. Like her colleagues, Jodee has a set of responsibilities that must be completed by the end of the day. Jodee has a big smile and a warm heart and is ever engaging with the children who seek her attention and affection. Jodee is recognised by the other staff and families as an equal and valued member of the team.

Her role at the preschool has given Jodee a natural sense of accomplishment, it has increased her self confidence and pride. This role has provided Jodee with an identity and a purpose within her community.

In addition to her work role Jodee is a dedicated member of her local gym and is a keen walker and swimmer. Jodee is also actively involved in a local craft group and enjoys social occasions and exploring her local community. Jodee is supported by FOCAS staff in all of these activities which bring health, happiness and wellbeing.

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