Matt has a strong work ethic and is supported by FOCAS staff to undertake three volunteer roles in his community. 

At Bunnings South Nowra Matt is responsible for ensuring stock is in the correct place and accessible to customers. As Matt has grown in confidence in this role, he is able to assist customers to navigate the store or direct them to the appropriate person or area.  

Matt’s responsibilities at Nowra Christian School include collecting the recycling, bringing in the bins, setting up desks and chairs in the classrooms, watering the new turf and trees, weeding the veggie garden, digging new garden beds, checking the sports gear and pumping up the sports balls. 

The vehicles on show at Nowra Polaris are kept looking pristine thanks to Matt’s handy washing and polishing work.

In all these settings, Matt is a well-liked member of the team and is highly valued for his hard work and contribution to the work setting.

On top of his work schedule Matt is also supported by FOCAS staff to pursue his artistic interests, build his independent living skills and go on much loved long bush walks and camping trips.

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