We have a strong reputation for deliveringa personalised, reliable and flexible service. ​


Our vision is for a society in which people with a disability are included in the richness and diversity of Australian life


Our mission is to walk alongside people with a disability, helping them confidently to meet, and independently to overcome, the barriers which prevent their participation in a full, meaningful and valued life


As an organisation, FOCAS Shoalhaven Incorporated embraces a humanist philosophy dedicated to the development of all members of society equally.  


We engage

We actively promote our participants’ engagement in a meaningful and fulfilling life in accordance with the principles of Social Role Valorisation, which seeks to maximise participation in socially valued roles and achieve the self-respect, community respect and dignity that comes from those roles.  


We empower

We recognise the right of all people to self-determination and support the pursuit of the personal goals to which each individual participant aspires.  We embrace a flexible, individually tailored approach in direct response to those goals.  


We collaborate

We acknowledge and respect the central role of each participant’s family members, and others who are close to them, and welcome their involvement in service planning and coordination.


We serve

We are committed  to providing  a service of the highest quality to our participants.  


We grow

We are committed to the professional development of our staff, enabling them to provide innovative, creative and person-centred support, while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.


We review

We engage continually in the review of our practices and encourage feedback from all relevant stakeholders on how improvement might best be achieved. 

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