FOCAS members transitioned across….

Since mid April this year, all our FOCAS members have transitioned across to the NDIS, becoming NDIS participants -this means that FOCAS or any other service provider will  no longer receive or administer any ADHC or other state funding.  Once a person receives their NDIS plan, the National Disability Insurance Scheme Agency (NDIA) is responsible for controlling a persons (participants) money. 

The Local area co-ordinator who completed your plan with you, will have explained the process of what happens when your plan is approved and returned to you.  It is their role to meet up with you again and assist you in setting up your mygov account, activate your plan and explain what your plan means, how to  then plan out and begin to utilise your funds.  If you have been provided with funding for  ‘Support Co-ordination’ in your plan then the ‘Support Co-ordinator you have nominated will assist you to work through the set up of your mygov account, explain the plan and connect you to the providers and suppliers of the supports you choose.

How is money administered?

Once a participant has chosen which Service Provider/sOrganisation/s they wish to use for supports.  A service schedule is agreed for the supports required over the period of time agreed and costs are calculated using the NDIS Price Guide  The Service agreement will be a document that reflects costs/time etc.  Participants or their advocates and the service provider being used need to sign off on this document, keeping a copy means you can refer to which provider you are going to use and when.  However if you are not happy with any service provision then  give 30 days notice and look elsewhere.

What happens with payments?

The support begins- following support received by the participant, the service provider puts a claim request for the $ cost ( NDIS Price Guide) onto the myplace provider portal against the participants NDIS number.  The agency will then send payment from the participants funds back to the provider so they are reimbursed for costs.  Provider payments have greatly improved with repayments to providers taking 2-3 days.  As a participant you can check how your funding is being ‘requested for payments’ by accessing your own mygov account to view current balances.

FOCAS’ Structure of NDIS Fees & Charges is available in the Resources and Links tab.

FOCAS will naturally continue to assist anyone with any concerns and confusion and answer these questions as best we can.

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