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For all questions regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) follow this link.  It has information in multiple formats regarding the NDIS, eligibility, plans, and application processes.


To be eligible to participate in the NDIS, you need to be under 65 years of age and an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen holding a Protected Special Category Visa.

You must have a permanent disability which significantly affects your communication, self-care or ability to manage your life.

You might also be eligible if you or your child could benefit from early intervention to increase functional abilities, or delay functional decline.


If you think you are eligible, you should complete a NDIS Access Request Form and a Supporting Evidence Form (usually with input from health and/or allied health professionals).  You can get a NDIS Access Request Form by:

  • Phoning 1800 800 110 and completing it verbally
  • Downloading a form from the NDIS website, completing it with supporting evidence and emailing back to the NDIS
  • Asking the NDIS for a form to be posted to you 


The NDIS will fund the reasonable and necessary supports you need to increase your independence and participation in social, community and economic activities.  This can sometimes include modifications to your home if it is your primary residence.  It may also include the costs involved in transportation, but not if that transportation is provided by your family or your carer for everyday activities.  Funding is paid on the basis of an NDIS Plan which includes an outline of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and how much that will cost.

Managing Your Funds

The funding you receive will come as an NDIS package,  You have 3 options for managing your NDIS Plan.

  • You can have all or part of your plan managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
  • You can have all or part of your plan managed by a different Plan Manager
  • You can manage all or part of your plan by yourself, with or without family involvement

You can choose which disability service provides you with the support you need.

No matter who manages your NDIS Plan (self-managed, a Plan Manager, the NDIA or a combination of managers), you can get assistance choosing and coordinating your community services and support providers from a Support Coordinator.  They will help with arranging  assessments, and setting up your supports and service agreements. They can help with any service agreement  amendments, and with NDIS Plan reviews and renewals.  Access to a Support Coordinator is granted if the NDIS considers that their assistance is ‘reasonable and necessary’. Typically, their services are provided for a few hours per week while things are being organised, and then less frequently. 

Support Coordination can also take the form of ‘Support Connection’, which helps you set things up and provides you with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage your NDIS Plan.

Direct Support is a one to one service that helps you build independence with everyday life skills and achieve your goals. Direct Support services are  individually tailored to meet expressed needs and wishes. Direct support can help you with things like:

  • Joining an interest group or club
  • Getting a job or volunteer position
  • Participating in recreational activities, exercise or gym programmes
  • Developing your independent living skills like budgeting, travelling, shopping, cooking and other domestic duties
  • Engaging in a sporting or leisure activity
  • Attending appointments
  • Developing your social skills and expand your social circle

Submit your Enquiry

For all general enquiries please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you shortly, alternatively please call us on 0402 307 974 or visit us at 41 Worrigee Street Nowra. Information provided in the form will be submitted by email to the relevant member of FOCAS Management Team to process. By submitting this form you are indicating your consent to this statement.

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Complaints & Feedback

If you have a concern or feedback about your current FOCAS supports or services, it’s important to talk about it. Anyone receiving FOCAS supports or services can make a complaint.

Your family or friends can talk to us on your behalf.

We will need to know who is involved, what you are not happy about, what you want to happen, and some information about you. With this information, we will work with you to resolve your complaint and make our services better for everyone.

There are many ways to make a complaint to FOCAS.

  • Fill in this form
  • Speak to your Community Facilitator, Plan Manager, or Support Coordinator in person or by phone
  • Come to the office at 41 Worrigee Street, Nowra
  • Use National Relay Service and ask for 0402 307 974
  • Use an interpreter
  • Use an advocate

We may disclose your information to a third party if your prior approval has been obtained to discuss the matter, or if failure to do so would place you or another person at risk. By submitting this complaint form you are indicating your consent to this statement. This form is submitted by email to the relevant FOCAS Management Team Member to resolve your complaint.

If you are not happy with the resolution, you can contact the FOCAS Board President at

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Tell us about your concern(s):
How would you like this issue to be resolved?
Do you have any ideas for improving what we do?

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