Registration Groups

102 – Assistance to access and maintain employment or higher education

106 – Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions& supports

107 – Assistance with daily personal activities

117 – Development of daily living and life skills

125 – Participation in community, social and civic activities

127 – Management of funding for supports in participants plan

What FOCAS don’t do

  • High intensity daily personal activities i.e. tasks that nurses or other medical practitioners would generally do
  • Administer medications
  • Perform any task with a participant that we are not specifically trained for
  • Go beyond the scope of our roles as low complexity support workers (Community Facilitators)
  • Infringe on your rights to choose and direct your supports; i.e. deny any
    reasonable adjustments to your supports to ensure it is fit for purpose and your
    health, privacy, dignity, quality of life and independence is supported
  • Withdraw or deny supports solely on the basis of a dignity of risk choice that has been made by you
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