Plan management is a funding option under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Plan Management refers to the financial administration of a participant’s NDIS plan on a participant’s behalf and allows participants to utilise both registered and non-registered NDIS providers.

Plan Management services assist a participant by:

  • managing and monitoring a participant’s budget for the duration of the NDIS plan
  • invoices are processed and paid in a timely manner each week
  • managing the NDIS claims and disbursing funds to providers for delivered services
  • ensuring compliance with the price limits contained within the NDIS Price Guide
  • providing a monthly statement to participants showing the financial status of a participant’s plan
  • alerting participants of any risks associated with plan spending that will exceed NDIS plan limits

Plan management funding is included in a participant’s NDIS plan under the support category Capacity Building Choice & Control and includes both a plan management establishment fee and a monthly processing fee. The purpose of the establishment fee is to cover the initial cost for the establishment of financial arrangements between the FOCAS and the participant. The monthly processing fee covers the ongoing costs FOCAS incurs for the financial administration, payment of invoices and monitoring of a participant’s plan budgets.

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