FOCAS is pleased to be working alongside Deb MacKenzie -a proud and strong woman who has proved how resilient people can be ...this is her story!


Debbie agreed to share her unique story of earlier life experiences of time spent in large NSW institutions, then finding the joy of having a place on her own.


Debbie’s life changed at 50 when she became a younger person living in an aged care facility. A further milestone is now directing her Individual funding package which enhances her choices, quality of life and reconnects Debbie in her local community.


Debbie’s story is one of persistence, resilience and adaptability. In this PowerPoint her reflections have been captured along with input from people who have known Debbie over the years.

This project was possible through ‘My Choice Matters’ 2015 Wollongong workshop series ‘Becoming a Leader’

Narrator Debbie MacKenzie; Writer Gillian Lidsey

Click the link below to view the powerpoint presentation.